Clare Merendidis BSc (Hons ) DHP

Hypno - Psychotherapist

Tel: 07572 458494


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Tel: 07572 458494

Weight Management: The Healthy Weight Coaching Programme

Fed up with ‘yo-yo’ dieting?

Do you feel your motivation dwindles away?

Would you like to have healthy habits?

Maintaining your target weight or reaching your target weight needs motivation but most of all, making healthy choices.

Hypno-psychotherapy is effective for weight loss because it is not a diet; it is a lifestyle change!

 It helps replace the unwanted habits that you may have developed into beneficial ones. Hypnotherapy firstly focuses on the motivation behind your choices i.e. choice to eat unhealthy food, choice to eat more than you need and choice to eat between meals.

 It helps the sub-conscious mind to become motivated, think positively about the goal you have set.

Hypno-psychotherapy can also address the underlying issues you may have with food, whether it is comfort eating, boredom eating, binge eating and stress eating.

The Healthy Weight Coaching Programme is tailored specifically to you, it will include: