Clare Merendidis BSc (Hons ) DHP

Hypno - Psychotherapist

Tel: 07572 458494


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Pain Management

Are you in constant pain?

Do you feel stress and tension?

Would you like to manage this more effectively?

Pain itself is an essential element to our survival. Acute pain is the body’s way of informing us that we are being damaged and to respond to this.

It is when pain serves no useful purpose, when we have nothing to learn from its message. This is what we know as Chronic Pain, this also includes headaches

Bicester Therapy does not alleviate pain  it can help you manage the pain more effectively. Through hypnosis and self hypnosis, you will be able to alter the brain perception of the pain message, to turn down its intensity. With training, you can learn the techniques for creating analgesia or anaesthesia.  Using and practicing these skills can help increased management and relief from pain.

Hypnosis can also  produce deep relaxation for the reduction of fear, tension and anxiety that is associated with chronic pain.