Clare Merendidis BSc (Hons ) DHP

Hypno - Psychotherapist

Tel: 07572 458494


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Do you feel overwhelmed by stress, worry or panic?

Do you avoid certain situations or events?

Do you want to have control and do what you want to do?


Anxiety is part of normal human experiences, it can be beneficial and motivational in some circumstances which can increase productivity.

However, prolonged anxiety and stress can be very unpleasant, with anxiety a constant domination force that severely disrupts the quality and enjoyment of life.

There are psychological, physical and behavioural symptoms of anxiety and range between mild to extreme and a person may feel that the anxiety is controlling them.

The body responds to anxiety and fear by the ‘fight or flight' response which is the release of adrenaline preparing your body against a potential threat. This is a fantastic response if you are confronted by a pack of lions, then adrenaline released and your choice of ‘flight’ or ‘flee’ the threat is appropriate. When the threat is part of our every day lives e.g.fear of spiders, public speaking etc the fight of flight response becomes inappropriate and over reactive to the event or situation.

The physical symptoms include:

The psychological symptoms include:

The Behavioural symptoms include:

Anxiety issues include panic attacks, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) (excessive worrying of everyday events), phobias, social anxiety, fear of exams, or driving test, fear of public speaking.

Intervention for anxiety will be tailored to  the specific issue